Est in 1993 TiAL® Sport takes pride in establishing its company reputation by designing the highest quality engineered products for today’s performance turbo charging systems market. The production of TiAL® Products super alloy based 46mm™ wastegate was the inception of the company’s ability to design, manufacture and deliver to the market a high performance and high quality product at a market competitive price.


Forced Performance Turbochargers has specialized in solving difficult turbocharging problems since 1996. Focusing on direct fit turbo solutions has put Forced Performance at the forefront of the four cylinder turbocharged niche for almost two decades. Innovative products such as custom turbine and compressor housing castings as well as our 2004 introduction of machined billet compressor wheels and the HTA and HTZ wheel aero set the stage for the high power levels common in todays turbocharged four cylinder motorsports.

AET Turbos specialize in all types of turbo from passenger car to power generation. We’ve been at the cutting edge of turbo development since 1974 and were the first UK turbo company to achieve ISO9001.



JRP was founded in 1989 by Derek Johnston as a distribution network for dealerships and performance shops to have access to the highest quality parts in Canada. Nearly 30 years of experience, expertise and support has made JRP a part of the enthusiast community.